Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Healey: Inmate stunt crossed the line

Kimberly Atkins
Boston Herald Reporter
Tuesday, October 24, 2006 - Updated: 08:47 AM EST

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey admitted yesterday her campaign bought the orange prison jumpsuits and “Inmates for Deval Patrick” signs used by her supporters last week, and said her workers “crossed the line” when they demonstrated outside the homes of Patrick and his campaign manager on Friday.
“They were my volunteers, and when I found out they had gone to Deval Patrick’s home and the home of his campaign manager, I let it be known that that is not what I want to have happen in the future,” Healey told the Herald.

Friday, two sign-waving groups clad in the fake prison garb demonstrated outside Patrick’s Milton home and the Abington home of his campaign manager, John Walsh. Walsh’s 12-year-old son, who was home alone readying for school, called his mother, who in turn called Abington police.

“I asked them never to do that again, and I do think it crossed a line,” Healey said. She said the volunteers were not told by the campaign to go to Patrick’s or Walsh’s home. “I don’t think anybody told them to go there,” she said.
Thursday night, during the Faneuil Hall debate featuring Healey, Patrick, independent Christy Mihos and Green-Rainbow candidate Grace Ross, the Healey workers in prison garb chanted and jostled briefly with pro-Patrick demonstrators.
The Friday morning follow-up protests drew a sharp response from Patrick, who on Saturday said he was “particularly upset” that Walsh’s son “had to leave alone to go to school and walk through that stunt, and that is what it was: It was a stunt.”
Yesterday, Patrick’s spokeswoman, Libby DeVecchi, added: “Unfortunately, the gross, very negative environment that the Kerry Healey campaign has created makes people think this kind of activity is OK. If your path to the governor’s office includes scaring the heck out of children, you should be ashamed.”

Tim O’Brien, Healey’s campaign manager, defended the use of the jumpsuits and signs by campaign workers and said they likely will appear again. “I don’t think there is anything inappropriate with what happened Thursday, or that the (signs) or the suits are inappropriate,” he said. “There is a difference between a stand-out and going to someone’s house.”

Do you think Kerry Healey had knowledge of this stunt?


At 11:05 AM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Ryan Adams said...

Regardless of whether or not she did (and it wouldn't surprise me either way), she set them loose and must be held accountable for their actions. The buck stops here, as they say.

When you send out that kind of campaign with her constant vicious tactics, her supporters will use the same tactics and - as we've seen - take it to even further extremes.

At 8:52 PM, October 29, 2006, Blogger John Hosty said...

It would not surprise me as well. She used Ben LaGuer as cannon fodder in her vicious smear campaign, and from all the evidence this man has been behind bars injustly for more than twenty years. He is the type of man that has stayed in jail longer than he would have had to if he were a lesser man and took a plea bargain. A guilty man does not stay in jail 23 years to prove his innocence. To vilanize a man who is heroically standing up for himself, and use him as a reason to vote for her takes a sick mind. She is the one that needs to be ashamed. Her stupidity will likely further his trouble obtaining a fair re-trial. Last I heard the hearing for this has been pushed back to November 15, just past Election Day....

I wonder if I am the only one impressed that the former William Rehquist, United States Supreme Court Justice's son, James C. Rehnquist has decided to take this case pro-bono?

At 7:05 PM, November 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me point something out about all this Ben LaGuar crap. First off the guy is a sh%$ bag fact. Second the little race bait thing you guys come up with over the parking lot add is false.People tryied to say because Healey used LaGuars name that it would be steriotypicaly a black man who would be doing the rape, wrong thats because all you people see along with Patrick is color. Most Rapes only Rape inside there own ethnical backround, that is a fact but out by the F.B.I profilers. So steriotypicaly it would be a white perp.The orange jump suits were to make Patrick feel more comfortable in his surounding because he likes those kind of people. You have to be kidding me an under inflated basketball is a civil rights violation, who lets the air out and who says its not a privledge.Funny thig is is that he faught for better food for them and the c/o's eat the same food as them.He didnt give a crap if there food was warm.This guy loves crimanals because he thinks they are all victims themselves, try working around them I did.


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