Friday, December 09, 2005

A Roundup of Dem Party Doings and Other News

Hi Everyone
Things have really begun to pick up around here. We had our first annual Holiday Gala on Tuesday, honoring Senate President Robert Travaglini and House Speaker Sal DiMasi. Sens. Kennedy and Kerry were present as well, and all four Democratic leaders urged the crowd to do what it takes to make sure Democrats are re-elected next November. And let's not forget, they said, 2006 is the year we take back the Governor's office.

On the news front, Gov. Romney has been out of state for most of the week after being elected chair of the Republican Governor's Association out in California. For those of you who may have missed it, he got to California thanks to the major pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc., who provided Romney and his lackeys a free trip on the corporate jet. Oh, and let's not forget, three Pfizer lobbyists were on board. Something is wrong there when you have our governor calling for genuine, sustainable health care reform while cozying up to a drug company that stands to benefit from his proposal.

Romney also made a major flip-flop on the emergency contraception law that requires ALL hospitals (including Catholic ones) to provide EC to rape victims. He told reporters Wednesday that an older law on the books that exempts Catholic hospitals trumps the new law. Following a storm of protest, Romney said Thursday that he had decided the new law trumps the old one. Seems his legal counsel came to that conclusion late day Wednesday. My question is this: don't you check with your legal counsel BEFORE making legal decisions, Guv?

Here is Party Chairman Phil Johnston's statement on the Romney flip-flop:

“It’s not surprising that Gov. Romney flip-flopped on the important issue of emergency contraception today,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Phil Johnston. “It has become very clear to everyone in Massachusetts that he cares about nothing so much as his own political future. While I agree with his latest position, it is appalling that the leader of our state is so lacking in conviction that he would switch on such an important matter as a result of political pressure.”

Well, that's it for now. We welcome your comments on these and other topics.