Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Healey fails on the Environment

Today's Boston Herald highlights the Romney-Healey administration's failure to clean up our environment. Not only did the dynamic duo pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and propose legislation that would allow power plants to further pollute our air as the story points out, but they've also completely abandoned our parks.
We're dead last in the country in state and local spending under these two despite a repeated pledge to bring "world-class parks" to Massachusetts.
Check out the Conservation and Recreation Campaign for more information on the sorry state of affairs.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet Another Reason Kerry Healey is Unqualified

As working families find it increasingly difficult to afford to live and work in Massachusetts, newly released Census data shows that the state has created housing at a significantly slower pace than nearly every other state in the country.

According to the Census figures, Massachusetts saw a meager 0.6 percent increase in new housing between July 2004 and July 2005. The rest of the country, by comparison, saw a 1.5 percent increase.

In 2003, Kerry Healey and the administration pledged to double single-family housing starts, a promise that remains unfulfilled today.

“With rising home prices, soaring property taxes, and the paltry addition of new, affordable homes, it’s no wonder hundreds of thousands of residents are fleeing Massachusetts,” Massachusetts Democratic Party spokeswoman Cyndi Roy said.

Kerry Healey has had nearly four years to implement policies that help people live, work, and raise families here, and she has failed. If she couldn’t get the job after four years, we certainly should not expect her to get it done in another four. Kerry Healey proves again that she is not qualified to be governor.”

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Reason Kerry Healey is Unqualified - Housing

Thanks to Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey’s failed housing policies, working families in Massachusetts are struggling to realize the dream of homeownership.

Single family home sales plummeted in the last few months, falling more than 10 percent between April and June, according to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.
At the same time, other northeast states like Maine and Vermont have seen home sales rise.

Meanwhile, housing prices remain tremendously high. Massachusetts has the third highest housing costs in the nation, and residents have seen their property taxes soar over the last three years.

Affordable housing is the number one issue Massachusetts residents are grappling with,” Massachusetts Democratic Party spokeswoman Cyndi Roy said. “Kerry Healey is helping put the squeeze on the middle class in this state.”

Kerry Healey isn’t qualified to help working families afford to purhcase their own homes, and she knows it. In June, she pulled out of a housing forum in Boston where she would have been forced to defend the adminsitration’s abysmal record. In 2003, Kerry Healey and the administration pledged to double single-family housing starts, a promise that remains unfufilled.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Kerry Healey Proves Again She's out of Touch- This Time with Fishermen

Kerry Healey's visits to fishing towns may well provide for good photo-ops, but apparently Ms. Healey doesn't quite get the seriousness of the issues facing our state's fisherman. This, from today's Cape Cod Times:

In her zeal to attack federal fishing regulations during a visit with Boston fishermen last week, Healey said the Bush administration was favoring corporate fishing interests over family boats. It was intended to play well in places like Gloucester, New Bedford and Cape Cod. Sort of like shooting fish in a barrel.
But her remarks caused some confusion in New Bedford, because in New England circles, New Bedford fishermen, who have the most valuable port in the nation in landings, are the big corporate guys. And they say they are also being killed by federal rules that restrict the number of days at sea this year in an effort to protect fish stocks.

And now for the KH Just Doesn't Get it Quote of the Day: ''I've got a hunch there's a general disconnect there,'' said Jim Kendall of New Bedford Seafood Consulting.

You're not kidding, Jim!