Monday, September 25, 2006

Teen View: Why I Support Deval Patrick

This summer, I had the opportunity to be a teen intern for Deval Patrick, the 2006 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee for Massachusetts, and the man I believe should be the next governor of this Commonwealth. While working on Mr. Patrick's campaign, I learned a lot about his politics, his office policies, and got tons of experience working on a campaign. While I was there, I stamped envelopes, answered and made phone calls, entered data into a computer, and did various other jobs around the headquarters. Even though these things were not very exciting, I enjoyed doing them because I knew I was helping to elect an inspiring and intelligent leader. Not only did Deval Patrick start in politics as a youth, just as many Kids for Democracy have, but he is a role model for every child or teen interested in becoming a strong leader. Deval Patirck is someone who had humble beginnings growing up on the southside of Chicago, but raised himself up to attend prestigious schools here in Massachusetts (he moved here when he was 14 years old) and eventually become an influencial leader. His story proves to youth that no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can become a role model for many people. Mr. Patrick's political ideas are also ones that I support. From striving to create educational programs that help all children succeed, to wanting healthcare to be available to everyone, Deval Patrick genuinely wants to make Massachusetts a better state. Because of his real-life political aspirations, his focus on youth in politics, and most importantly his inspirational leadership, I support Deval Patrick and believe he will make a fabulous governor of Massachusetts!
-- O.L., age 14