Thursday, February 15, 2007


Democratic Party Chairman Phil Johnston had this to say about Mitt Romney's lack of support from Massachusetts Republicans:
“The big news emanating from Mitt Romney's announcement for the presidency is the marked absence of support from his own party in his own state. Massachusetts Republicans can see through his flip-flops and pandering and they're deserting Mitt in an unprecedented way. Mitt's going to have trouble explaining to his right-wing allies why two former Massachusetts Republican governors and hordes of Massachusetts Republican legislators and party officials are choosing to support anyone but him. Massachusetts Republicans understand better than anyone else that the Romney Administration was a dismal failure. They know that his 2002 campaign promises to improve the Massachusetts economy fell flat. Romney had one of the worst records in the country for job creation. His abandonment of the state during his last two years of his term was an embarrassment to the Republican Party and all Massachusetts ' citizens. In fact, his efforts in 2004 to increase seats in the legislature were a catastrophe for Republicans as Massachusetts voters increased the Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate. It should come as no surprise that the Republicans that know Mitt Romney the best are fleeing quickly from his campaign for the White House.”