Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kerry Healey Losing in New Poll

In their first survey since February, the pollsters over at Suffolk University find growing unhappiness with Kerry Healey. This, from their press release:

Asked, do you think Massachusetts is heading in the right direction or on the wrong track, just 33% indicated right direction, while 49% said wrong track (the worst rating recorded in seven consecutive 7NEWS/Suffolk University polls).

Voter discontent is also affecting Republicans in office. Lt. Governor Kerry Healey Healey now has more voters who dislike her (39% unfavorable) than like her (33% favorable), while Governor Mitt Romney’s popularity dropped from 55% favorable-36% unfavorable to 48% favorable- 43% unfavorable.

“Voter anger is taking its toll on Kerry Healey and Mitt Romney,” said Paleologos. “If Massachusetts is on the wrong track, voters see Romney and Healey at the controls.”

The good news is that those surveyed believe any one of our three Democratic candidates would make a better governor than Kerry Healey.

Healey’s problems are so severe that all of the three Democratic hopefuls now would defeat her in the November final. Both Patrick and Reilly led Healey by 13%, while Gabrieli topped her by 19%.

Watch out Ms. Healey, the voters are on to you and they're making their voices heard loud and clear. In the last three and a half years, you have done nothing to improve the direction Massachusetts is moving in. Residents are tired of do-nothing Republican governors. Come November, a Democrat will be elected to the Governor's Office and you'll be looking for a new job.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Coakley, Democrats Urge Support for Clean Needle Bill

Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley joined with leading Democrats and public health advocates at the State House Thursday to urge Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to support life-saving legislation that would legalize over-the-counter sale of hypodermic needles.

The group, including Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Phil Johnston, state Senator Robert O’Leary, state Senator Steven Tolman (D-Brighton), and public health advocates, urged the Romney/Healey administration to approve the bill following the House’s overwhelming support Thursday morning. The Senate was expected to enact the bill Thursday afternoon.

“Kerry Healey is playing a dangerous political game with the public health of Massachusetts residents,” said Phil Johnston. “This is a bipartisan bill that will help stem the spread of deadly illnesses. It’s time for Kerry Healey to stop acting in her own self-interest and start doing what’s right for the people of the Commonwealth.”

The bill passed by the Legislature is already on the books in 47 other states. Massachusetts, Delaware, and New Jersey are the only states that have not approved the bill.

“Based on the findings of several states that have already adopted similar legislation, there is no evidence that giving the public access to syringes will increase rates for crime and/or drug abuse,” said Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley. “Adopting this bill is a cost-effective measure that would help prevent the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases. Although studies reflect the benefits of increased syringe access, common sense tells us that adopting this legislation will put the Commonwealth on the path towards prevention of deadly infectious diseases.”

Senator Robert O’Leary, chief sponsor of the bill, called Kerry Healey’s objection to the bill “unconscionable.”

“The governor and the lieutenant governor are really playing politics and we know and they know that they are playing to people’s prejudices,” he said.
Senator Tolman said the Senate would override a Romney/Healey veto.

“This will help stop the hearts of moms and dads from being broken and will save millions of dollars that are being used in our healthcare system,” said Senator Steven Tolman (D-Brighton).

Boston Mayor Tom Menino said, “One of the most important things that I’ve learned in all my years as Mayor, is that you don’t play politics with public health. This initiative will save lives, pure and simple. Forty-seven other states have figured that out. I applaud the Legislature for passing this bill and I urge them to override any veto with the same overwhelming margin with which they passed the bill in the first place. It is the right thing to do.”

Boston Public Health Commission Executive Director John Auerbach called the bill a win for public health and public safety.

“Not only will this help prevent new cases of HIV and Hepatitis C, but it will make our communities safer for all residents,” he said.

Larry Day, a former drug user now fighting to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, was one of nearly 100 activists from the Aids Action Committee who denounced Kerry Healey for opposing the bill.

“I am absolutely appalled and frightened as a citizen and a registered voter of this Commonwealth that a candidate for the highest state office stood before the media and the public and fear mongered her way into making people believe that this is the wrong thing to do. We need someone with real compassion in the Governor’s Office, not Kerry Healey.”

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lieutenant Governor continues to hide from failed record

Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey has pulled out of a housing forum scheduled for Thursday, once again refusing to defend the Romney/Healey administration’s failed record on housing and rebuffing an offer to share her positions with the voters of Massachusetts.

“What does Kerry Healey fear? Could it be the fact that under her leadership, more residents are finding it impossible to live here? Affordable housing is the number one issue Massachusetts residents are grappling with,” Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Phil. Johnston said. “Kerry Healey is helping squeeze the middle class out of this state.”

Kerry Healey committed to the Faneuil Hall forum, but backed out this week. The three Democratic gubernatorial candidates will appear and will share their ideas for making housing more affordable.

Since taking office in 2003, Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey have failed to fulfill their campaign pledge to double housing starts. Meanwhile, residents are beleaguered by soaring property taxes.

The results of the Romney/Healey administration’s failed housing policies are clear:

• Massachusetts is the only state to lose population two years in a row;

• Massachusetts has the 3rd highest housing costs in the country;

• Massachusetts is struggling to attract businesses and workers;

• The number of homeless individuals has risen by 31 percent since 1999;

• There are 10,000 families with children who will be homeless at some point this year—there is room for just 40 of them in state shelters

(Statistics from the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

900 More Jobs Lost: Chairman Johnston, Gabrieli, Patrick, Reilly call for Real Leadership


More than 900 Massachusetts residents lost their jobs last month, highlighting the failure of Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to follow through on their campaign pledge to grow jobs.

“These latest job numbers are no surprise given that the Romney-Healey administration’s top priority has been moving from the Corner Office to the Oval Office,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Phil Johnston. “The people of Massachusetts are desperately seeking the kind of leader who will make job growth a real priority, not an empty campaign promise.”

The Democratic candidates for Governor joined Chairman Johnston in calling for new leadership that will be committed to creating jobs and growing the economy.

“We’re 46th in the nation in job creation, and people are leaving Massachusetts in droves because Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey are not getting results on job creation,” said Chris Gabrieli.

“The Romney-Healey administration doesn’t get it: every time we lose jobs and population, we lose our competitive edge,” said Deval Patrick. “They have a terrible record of attracting and keeping jobs in our state. Even as the national unemployment rate improves, Massachusetts keeps slipping behind. What Romney and Healey see as numbers, I see as people, people caught up in an unforgiving market with an uncaring government. It’s time for a change.”

"Massachusetts is better than this. With respect to job creation, Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey have been all talk and no action," Attorney General Tom Reilly said. "It is time for new, proven leadership to get this economy moving again.”

Nationwide, more citizens are headed back to work, while Massachusetts residents continue to struggle. The loss of 900 jobs forced the state’s unemployment rate up again, the fourth month in a row that the Massachusetts rate was above that of the national rate. Previously, Massachusetts had not seen its unemployment rate surpass the national rate in more than a decade.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kids for Democracy: Torch Passes to New Generation!

An endearing moment of last week’s state convention came courtesy of the teens of Kids for Democracy. Twelve teens were asked by Victory ’06 Co-Chairs Cam Kerry and Katherine Clark to circulate among the delegates and sign them up for the coordinated campaign effort. On their quest, the teens met delegate Jane Good, who was especially pleased to see the kids. Turns out that in 1960 during John Kennedy’s presidential campaign, Jane was the teenage-president of Youth for Kennedy on the North Shore! “I just think it’s wonderful that these kids have already established a political mindset,” she said. Jane told the teens that if they’ve made Democratic activism part of their life already, it will stay with them through adulthood. She should know. Jane, now a retired nurse and school teacher and the grandmother of 5 kids, has attended every state convention since her teenage days! In addition to Mrs. Good, the kids also met Congressmen John Tierney, Marty Meehan, Barney Frank, and Mike Capuano, and Governor Mike Dukakis. They also talked with Senator Ted Kennedy’s grandnephews, Joe and Matt Kennedy, who are co-chairs of the Senator’s re-election campaign. For more info on Kids for Democracy, check out their website, hosted by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. To sign up for Victory ’06, click here! Torch passed.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Convention a Success! All candidates to appear on primary ballot

It's a wrap. The 2006 Democratic Convention has come to a close and all of our Democratic candidates will appear on the September primary ballot. The weekend in Worcester was filled with excitment and energy as Democrats from across the state gathered to support the candidates. You can check out some of the coverage here.